After 40, our skin produces fewer lipids, which leads to drier, rougher skin - Ellen Marmur, MD, an associate clinical professor in the department of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center. Avoid the following products as much as possible:

Gritty scrubs- Aging skin cannot handle the harsh exfoliants it once did.
Alcohol-rich toners - Strips the natural oils from the skin.
Super sudsy cleansers - Regular foaming face washes strips away essential skin nutrients.
Cakey concealer - Highlighting lines and creases.
Shimmery shadow - Brings obvious attention to signs of aging due to its reflective particles.
Metallic blush - Aged and matured fine lines will tend to appear more obvious.
Waterproof mascara - Difficult to be removed and may pull out already lesser eyelashes that comes with age.
Too-dark or frosty lipstick - Lack the look of fullness at the lips end.
Matte foundation powder - Will appear cakey even on oily skin.

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