1. The returning of heavy bleeding (if you had it before).
2. You desire for sex might increase as pills decrease the level of testosterone in your system.
3. The swelling and tenderness of your breasts may be significantly felt.
4. You'll feel bloated.
5. You'll start having ovulation cramps.
6. Your skin might break out for some time as your ovaries aren’t making significant testosterone to counter those breakouts.
7. Your menstrual cramps will return as your body produces lesser prostaglandins, which are responsible for those painful uterine contractions.
8. Your periods might become more erratic as apposed to regularity while on the Pill.
9. Your mood may feel off slightly due to the body adapting new hormonal changes.
10. You uterus might already started developing fibroids gone undercover and unnoticed even while on the Pill.
11. Pregnancy is an immediate possibility - Dr. Minkin

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