An enema is basically the practice of piping liquid into the rectum via a lubricated tube. It might not sound comfortable, but enthusiasts claim enemas can treat a variety of problems, from digestive issues to cancer.

Are they any good?

1. Coffee enemas :
Good --> Helps insomnia, relieves constipation, feeling more relaxed and better mood etc.. The organic and non-toasted ones used with Gerson Therapy may be a better option for cancer eradication.
Bad --> Risks of rectal perforation, septicemia and electrolyte issues.

2) Oil enemas :
Good --> Relieves constipation
Bad --> Can lead to issues such as vomiting, nausea and stomach pain. Not recommended for children or long-term use by adults.

3) Alcohol enemas :
Good --> Nil. Had caused death to an individual due to high blood alcohol level.
Bad --> It is dangerous because the grog bypasses the stomach, according to Dr. Preston Stewart...

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