Here are 5 medicines that cure and control major illnesses but pretty deadly at the same time.

ARSENIC - This element itself can cause cancer, as well as other health problems, but that does not mean it cannot also cure cancer. It is now still being used to treat a rare blood cancer called acute promyelocytic leukemia where the body could not tolerate the usual treatment route.
RADIATION - Effective to kill off cancerous cells but hurting the healthy ones as well.
YEW PLANT - The poisonous bark is being used to stop certain cancers from progressing. It also prevents the re-narrowing of coronary arteries in patients with stents.
SNAKE VENOM - Deadly venom of viper is used to create the blood thinner Tirofabin. Venom of Brazilian viper is used to create high blood pressure, heart failure and diabetes-caused kidney problems medicine named Captopril. The venomous saliva of a lizard, the Gila monster is being used to create diabetes drug Exenatide that helps the body produce insulin.


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