You have no control over how long you will live—it is all genetics, right? Wrong. Turns out, there are a whole bunch of ways to add years to your life (like doing these 29 things that could help you live to 100.) But perhaps one of the easiest ways is changing what you eat. More and more research is showing that diet is a super important indicator of how long you will live, and whether or not you develop a number of life-shortening chronic diseases. Lucky for you, it is also ridiculously easy to change.

Here are 5 life-lengthening foods to start eating today (summary).

1. Nuts - Studies done from the Harvard School of Public Health have reported that the more often people ate nuts, the lower their risk of dying young. Do eat in moderation though.
2. 100% whole grains - A study in JAMA Internal Medicine, each additional 1-ounce serving of whole grains eaten correlated to a five percent lower overall mortality risk and a nine percent lower risk of death from heart problems.
3. Spicy foods - Researchers have reported that the relation between eating spicy food and living longer was stronger in those study participants who DID NOT DRINK ALCOHOL!
4. Seaweed - Over1,000 studies have concluded that eating seaweed can boost your immune system, suppress inflammation and slow the growth of cancer.
5. Fish - Research has reported that compounds in fish called carotenoids can protect against neurological diseases. While omega-3s from salmon keeps your body young, omega-3 supplements can significantly reduce inflammation, a condition linked from allergies to Alzheimers, cancer and even heart diseases.

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