Laundry pods may appear to be a convenient alternative to washing detergents. However, they may not be that 'convenient' in health matters. Here's why.

1. Highly concentrated than the usual common washing detergents.
2. They are especially dangerous for children
3. They may be harmful to pets
4. May hazardous ingredients
5. The “fresh scent” may irritate your airways and eyes

According to Eric J. Moorhead of the consulting firm Good Chemistry LLC:

“Each pod consists of a detergent mixture wrapped in a water-soluble film, made up of a proprietary polyvinyl alcohol polymer. The liquid detergent in the pods is not the same as regular liquid detergent. It has a higher concentration of surfactants, chemicals that are responsible for stain removal. At high concentrations, these ordinarily safe ingredients can cause irritation, especially in sensitive areas like the eyes.”

The journal JAMA Ophthalmology wrote:
“The widespread adoption of laundry detergent pods, which are dissolvable pouches containing enough laundry detergent for a single use, has led to an increase in associated injuries among children. Reports of pod-related injuries, including poisoning, choking and burns, have suggested that this pattern may be in part due to the products’ colourful packaging and candy-like appearance.”

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