The type of underwear you choose plus your daily habits can have a big impact on your health “down there.” Here are the 8 underwear mistakes that are bad for your health.

1. Too-tight underwear
2. If your tight undergarment happens to be shapewear, like the popular hip- and tummy-slimming kinds or waist-cinching corsets, you could have nerve impingement and decreased circulation.
3. Silk and synthetic fabrics - They are not breathable which also increases the risk of moisture being trapped and retained, which can create a yeast or bacterial infection.
4. Thongs - If you are easily prone to getting yeast or bacterial infections, thongs will only make things worse. “Thongs can be a unique transport vehicle for bacteria from the back to the front,” says Dr. Moore
5. Underwear at night - For women who are going through menopause, going underwear-less is the better choice so that you could avoid lingering in cold, wet panties once a hot flash passes.
6. “Going commando” during the day - It is more hygienic to be wearing an underwear as you will always be moving around. Besides, natural moisture produced by the vagina has nowhere to go when you’re not wearing underwear.
7. Sweaty undies - Dr. Moore recommends that sweat-prone people invest in underwear made of moisture-wicking material and avoid cotton underwear, which tends to stay wet once it gets wet. Did you know that warm and moist environment is the perfect place for yeast to grow?
8. Using non-hypoallergenic detergent - Many brands have very high concentration of perfumes in them and this may cause irritations to the sensitive areas of the vagina.

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