From Botox to fillers, peels to eyelash growing treatments, the demand for products that can tighten skin and restore youthful beauty will never fade. However, as well as being costly, many anti-ageing salon treatments are uncomfortable or even painful procedures, causing some individuals to experience unpleasant side effects.

Here are some of the recommended natural alternatives: (summmarised)

1. Natural Alternatives to Botox: Frownies, Face Saver Balls and VTOX

2. Instead of Lip Fillers Like Restylane : Cinnamon Powder and Peppermint Oil

3. Chemical Peels Natural Alternative: Pineapple or Lemon Juice

4. Microdermabrasion Natural Alternative: Sugar (Tip: Only use sugar on the outside of your skin. Consuming it however has a negative effect which can stiffen collagen fibres and causing wrinkles! ....)

5. Latisse Natural Alternative: Almond Oil

6. Anti-Cellulite Treatment Alternative: Homemade Wraps

7. Instead of CACI Facial Treatments: Facial Exercises

8. Instead of Painful Injectable Fillers or Botox: deCure Filler Creams

9. Instead of Salon LED Treatments: LightStim (Clinical studies of LightStim claim the visible reduction in the appearance of facial wrinkle severity improved in ALL participants after eight ..........)

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