Candy canes are to Christmas what jack-o'-lanterns are to Halloween: a festive symbol of the holiday. But whether you use the tasty treats to decorate your tree or to threaten the enamel on your teeth, do you really know that much about these stripey, sugary concoctions? Here's a look at some candy cane trivia to sweeten up your celebrations.

1. The holy history

If you (or your kid) has ever been to Sunday school, you've likely heard a Christian tale of the candy cane's origins. There are various versions, and Snopes has several, but most revolve around the white representing Jesus' purity, the red standing for his blood, and the shape representing the "J" of his monogram. The candies were given to children who behaved in church or maybe dreamed up by an Indiana candymaker as a sweet expression of his faith ....

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