Plantains are a close relative of the banana and tend to be mistaken for them. Nearly 120 countries grow much of the world’s supply of plantains — like Uganda, Colombia and Cameroon. Plantains are starchier, contain less sugar than bananas and are much more versatile as a cooking ingredient.

Here are three main reasons why knowing and eating plantains over bananas can have a profound effect on your every day life:

1. It can boost your brain power

Vitamin B6, also called pyridoxine, generates several important neurotransmitters that carry information from one cell to another. A serving of plantains can provide nearly 25 percent of your daily amount needed of vitamin B6.

2. Plaintains help relieve constipation provide relief from hemorrhoids and digestive conditions like diverticulitis, and can also help stabilize blood sugar, preventing diabetes....

3. It is one of the largest amounts of Potassium. There are 913 milligrams of potassium in one cup of cooked, mashed plantains. It also helps regulate heart rhythm, and studies show that people who consume diets with high potassium levels tend to be at a lower risk of stroke, osteoporosis and renal disease.

Brain booster & anti-aging smoothie.
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