Nobody knows exactly how your immune system works. It is a complicated network which involves antibodies, proteins, chemicals and white blood cells. A strong immune system means these are all working in harmony and help you to fight illness, viruses, bacteria and all other sorts of nasties that are waiting to attack. There is now enough evidence to show that a healthy lifestyle will certainly help our immune system to stay ahead.

Let us examine what can compromise or weaken this delicately balanced system and which immunity boosters you should choose.

1. Negative thinking
There is lots of research now to show that negative thinking and a gloomy outlook can only drag you down, physically and mentally.

2. Lack of sleep - Sleeping encourages your body in releasing cytokine which acts as protagonists when your body needs to fight infection.

3. Eating the wrong breakfast - Body will take a lot more effort in digesting food that contains too many fats and carbohydrates which can prevent the body natural system such as warding off viruses and germs effectively.

4. Highly stressed - This damages the immune system and studies have shown that the body is prone to diseases and infections including cancer.

5. Loneliness - A research study by Ohio University (institute for Behavioral Medicine Research) stated that lonely people more likely to infections, inflammation, and even earlier death.

6. Excess sugar intake - Researchers have found that neutrophils, which are essential when fighting microbes, are a crucial component in white blood cells are compromised when you consumed too much sugar.

7. Too many antibiotics - Decreases immune system.

8. Lack of exercise

9. Exposed to too many toxins - Researchers have found that people residing near a pesticide dump in Aberdeen are exposed twice as likely to get shingles than non-residents.

10. Insufficient water intake - Consuming water is how the body rid of toxins. Without sufficient intake, neutralizing accumulated toxins or poisons will make your immune system to work even harder.

Here are the 12 recommended immunity boosters food to consumebr>
- Cruciferous veggies such as cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower.
- Ginger
- Nuts and seeds
- Eat more yogurt - A 3-month study of factory workers revealed that they took lesser sick leave (33%) upon given Lactobacillus reuteri contained yogurt. This good bacteria assists in keeping healthy intestines which boost your immune system.
- Eat more garlic - Booster for the immune system
- Consume some chicken broth - The cysteine amino acid released from the cooked chicken is useful for treating bronchitis and flu-like symptoms.
- Drink more tea.
- Eat more vitamin A via foods containing beta-carotene such as sweet potatoes, carrots, squash and pumpkin which help convert the beta-carotene into Vitamin A.
- Eat more mushrooms - Reishi and shitake types boost the effectiveness of white blood cells in the body.
- Eat more real honey - Contains antioxidants.
- Add spices to your foods such as rosemary, sage, thyme and oregano which could also boost your immune system.

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