Pharmacies will start pushing for flu shots during flu seasons on consumers without fully explaining the risks that come with their toxic ingredients.

Fluzone contains: Formaldehyde, Octylphenol ethoxylate (Triton X-100), Thimerosal sodium phosphate-buffered isotonic sodium chloride solution and gelatin.

Some of the ingredients in Afluria (Trivalent) are: Mercury, Monobasic sodium phosphate (MSP), Dibasic sodium phosphate and monobasic potassium phosphate, Beta-propiolactone and Sodium taurodeoxycholate.

Formaldehyde : A chemical usually used in building materials, as well as industrial fungicide. In medical laboratories, it is used as a preservative. Long-term effects have not been fully studied, as the National Cancer Institute admits. A study of funeral industry workers found a link between formaldehyde and myeloid leukemia, and professionals such as anatomists and embalmers reported increased risks of leukemia and brain cancer when working with formaldehyde.

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