There are many heavy metals that people are exposed to regularly without realizing it. Mercury, cadmium, and aluminum, among others, are able to embed themselves into our central nervous systems and bones, bio-accumulating for years until we start to suffer acute health problems from heavy metal poisoning.

People who have eaten large salads daily full of cilantro have experienced this effect – moodiness, terrible acne, joint pain and more. While they were mobilizing heavy metals, they weren’t all excreted from the body fast enough, which meant they were detoxing and toxifying themselves the same time!

Simply by adding chlorella – an intestinal absorbing agent, the retoxification of the system is prohibited. Clinical studies completed recently proved that heavy metal chelation [using cilantro and chlorella] can naturally remove an average of 87% of lead, 91% of mercury, and 74% of aluminum from the body within 42 days.


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