Ruby Shallom, was given the controversial HPV vaccine at school 2 years ago to protect her against cervical cancer as part of the routine NHS program and had the course of 3 injections with classmates at the end of 2013 and start of 2014. But just weeks later, the keen horse-rider and runner started to suffer from stomach spasms, dizziness, pain, headaches, and fatigue. Her muscles became weaker and in May two years later, she woke up unable to feel her legs and has since lost all sensation in her right arm and is virtually bed-bound.

Doctors have been unable to diagnose her with anything and have dismissed it as being psychological, refusing to acknowledge any link to the jab.

Chris Exley, a professor in bioinorganic chemistry at Keele University, said it contains an aluminium adjuvant which can be toxic in humans. He said research is in a 'very early stage' and neither of the jabs has 'undergone satisfactory safety tests to demonstrate that they are safe for use in humans'.

Another girl, dancer Lucy Rebbeck, 15, from Wokingham, Buckinghamshire, suffered the same ordeal after having the HPV jab. Her muscles were so weak she was confined to a wheelchair for six months and was being treated at the same hospital - Frimley Park in Surrey where doctors diagnosed her with coeliac disease and later removed her appendix - but nothing helped.

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