HPV is a DNA virus that infects the keratinocytes of the skin or membranes in the body, and can manifest in a number of ways. You may not show any outward symptoms, or you could develop warts and premalignant lesions. There are more than 170 different types of human papillomavirus, and more than 40 are transmitted through sexual contact. High-risk HPV varieties can significantly increase the chances of cervical cancer and should not be taken lightly. Here are some of the recommended home remedies :

Echinacea: This well known antiviral herb is one of the most popular and relied upon treatments for HPV. You can make tinctures or teas from echinacea, both of which are highly effective in boosting the immune system and reduce the appearance of warts. The phytosterols and other antioxidant compounds in echinacea are able to boost white blood cells and improve the antiviral impact of the immune system.

Goldenseal: There are two different ways to use goldenseal to combat ...............

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