Many people who have had a root canal suffer from a sudden onset of chronic disease and never realize the connection.

After a root canal is performed, the tooth is dead. The remaining tissue and structure now provides a ripe environment for remaining bacteria. Once the pulp is removed from the tooth, there is no longer a blood or oxygen supply. The bacteria that remain can mutate to an anaerobic form and multiply until there are millions living within the tubules of the dead tooth. From there, they secrete potent toxins.

Holistic practitioners are finding these dead teeth are often a source of disease for the body - everything from unexplained symptoms to cancer. For example, Dr. Lina Garcia tells of a woman who consulted several doctors for a mysterious swelling in one leg. Within one day after Dr. Garcia removed her tooth (an old root canal), the swelling was gone. When Dr. Thomas Rau, a Swiss physician who specializes in breast cancer, learned of the possible link between root canals and cancer, he investigated his last 150 patients and found that 97% of them did have one or more root canals - and they were on the same meridian side of the body as the cancer!

Talk to your holistic or biological dentist on how to go about extracting and replacing your root canal with safer solutions. Avoid any metal types though. At the mean time consume diet to aid in expelling toxins that already accumulate in your body and also to rebuild the immune system of the body. :)

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