We ask this question because manuka honey contains MGO. So, is manuka honey safe? What is MGO anyway?

- MGO comes from Methylglyoxal and is a substance belonging to dicarbonyl group (a group of toxic substances).

- Manuka honey contains very high levels of this substance (over 1,000 ppm), hence the concern regarding its safety.

- How toxic is it?
MGO is the main precursor to Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs). These are harmful compounds that can affect nearly every type of cell and molecule in the body and are thought to be one factor in aging and in some age-related chronic diseases. These substances can lead to the development or worsening of many degenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, stroke, eye cataracts, cancer and diabetes.

- MGO are also believed to play a causative role in the blood-vessel complications of diabetes mellitus.

- AGEs speed up oxidative damage to cells and alters their normal behaviour.

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