It is true that the Microwave oven uses a non-ionizing form of radiation which is not as cancerous as the ionizing radiation but still are you willing to risk your health over a fast way to heat your food? There are other ways to heat your food without any risks and controversies. Some but not all studies suggest that long-term exposure to non-ionizing form of radiation may have a carcinogenic effect. Needless to say is that the ionizing radiation is highly carcinogenic (can provoke cancer) and only few exposures to ionizing radiation can result in a random form of cancer.

Dr. Lita Lee of Hawaii Reported in The December 9, 1989 Lancet stated that microwaving baby formulas converted certain trans-amino acids into their synthetic cis-isomers. Synthetic isomers, whether cis-amino acids or trans-fatty acids, are not biologically active. Further, one of the amino acids, L-proline, was converted to its d-isomer, which is known to be neurotoxic (poisonous to the nervous system) and nephrotoxic (poisonous to the kidneys). It is bad enough that many babies are not nursed, but now they are given fake milk (baby formula) made even more toxic via microwaving.

One short-term study found significant and disturbing changes in the blood of individuals consuming microwaved milk and vegetables. Eight volunteers ate various combinations of the same foods cooked different ways. All foods that were processed through the microwave ovens caused changes in the blood of the volunteers. Hemoglobin levels decreased and over all white cell levels and cholesterol levels increased. Lymphocytes decreased.

Luminescent (light-emitting) bacteria were employed to detect energetic changes in the blood.

Significant increases were found in the luminescence of these bacteria when exposed to blood serum obtained after the consumption of microwaved food.

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