Samantha Mixon was 33 in March 2012 when she began having headaches. Her doctor diagnosed them as migraines and prescribed pain pills. When she temporarily lost her vision twice—she had no depth perception and saw swirly colors—ER doctors at the hospital told her that her migraines were probably related to a sinus infection and gave her Mucinex which did not work. Few months later, her doctor prescribed her muscle relaxants to ease her newly started back pain which did not work either.

The one thing that Samatha felt that warrants her to the hospital one day is the spitted blood when she coughed. An MRI later detected a grey matter in her brain which turned out to be tumor.

After the supposed surgery however, her neurosurgeon revealed that her tumor was actually malignant that came from other part of her body, most likely her lung. There were further tests done which was confirmed by her oncologist that she had Stage 4 lung cancer predicting her with only up to 1.5 years to live. "The area that was hurting on my back was exactly where my primary lung cancer tumor was," Samatha said. More tests were done and discovered the cancer had spread to BOTH of her lungs. Thankfully, there were drugs (much lesser side effects than chemotherapy) that are specifically targeted for her EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) mutation. She is surviving positively now with the help of antidepressants, getting involved in support groups and her church with regular prayers. From this, we are now aware the need to be consistent in getting second or more reviews or opinions from different doctors and specialists of any persistent medical conditions.

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