The FDA has not approved whole-leaf stevia or crude stevia extracts as GRAS, although they’re much more natural than the stevia products it’s given its stamp of approval. With whole-leaf and crude extracts, benefits are greater and negative stevia side effects are less likely.

The worst option ones are altered and overly processed “stevia” like Truvia. It’s really not stevia at all by the time a product like Truvia goes through a 42-step process to make this processed sweetener. First, the rebaudioside is extracted from the stevia leaf, and then chemical solvents are added, including acetonitrile, which is toxic to the liver and is a carcinogen. Then the producers add in a GMO corn derivative called erythritol. Truvia or rebaudioside stevia products are about 200 to 400 times sweeter than sugar. This type of stevia can cause gastrointestinal problems when consumed.

A 1999 study, the 60-day administering of stevia indicates that stevia decreases the fertility of male animal subjects. However, follow-up studies have also found that stevia has no effect on hormones.

Benefits of stevia:
1. Anticancer Abilities
2. In diabetes, stevia reduced fasting blood sugar levels and balanced insulin resistance, triglycerides and alkaline phosphatase, which is raised in cancer patients.
3. Helps Weight Loss
4. Improves Cholesterol Levels
5. Lowers High Blood Pressure

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