The journal Vascular Health and Risk Management published a study which found that these drugs were extremely ineffective at lowering cholesterol levels in patients with heart disease. It has also been found that they only lowered cholesterol levels to the desired amount in 18% of the patients who took them, and thus fail to provide effects in over 80% of the time. The journal Current Oncology has also discovered the increased risks of breast and prostate cancer in statin usage which affects the immune system.

Statins also cause serious inflammation of the muscles and causes rhabdomyolysis which can affect the function of kidneys or even death..

Dr Berverly Teter, a lipid biochemist at the University of Maryland stated that we have all been made to believed that cholesterol is the real cause for heart diseases.

She explained that it is the inflammation in the vessels that start the lesion. The body then sends the cholesterol like a scab to cover over it to protect the blood system and the vessel wall from further damage. She has also recommended to increase consumption of Omega 3 fats, particularly DHA found in fish oil supplement and also foods such as olive oil and avocado.

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