The supermarket is filled with brightly colored boxes of seemingly life-giving grains all touting their (natura)” ingredients, packed with (essential vitamins and minerals) promising to be (part of a healthy breakfast). In reality, the cereal aisle is more like a dark alleyway in a horror movie, where all sorts of fiendish villains—vampires, cavemen, blood-thirsty honey bears-—lie in waiting. Some of their wares come stripped of their natural fiber and nutrients, with just a spray-coating of chemically created vitamins and minerals for (fortification). When it comes to breakfast cereals, ignore the claims on the front of the box. Flip a cereal over on its side and get to the bottom line: When it comes to picking a cereal, you want as much fiber as possible and as little sugar as possible. Period. The majority of store-bought cereals turns a healthy breakfast into an energy-sapping, belly-bloating, bathroom-scale-tipping nutritional disaster, the enemy of rapid weight loss. Do not be fooled with eye-catching captions such as low-fat, berries-added, energy-clusters, fruity and cinnamon added. Their top main ingredients are usually sugar followed by hydrogenated palm oil, BHT (possibly carcinogenic) and soy lecithin, an emulsifier that derives from genetically modified soybean products to combine water and oil, artificial food colorings and flavorings...the lists goes on...

Avoid the following cereals! (Summary)

28th - Raisin Bran Two Scoops (Kelloggs)
27th - Franken Berry (General Mills)
26th - Corn Pops (Kelloggs)
25th - Trix (General Mills)
24th - Reeses Puffs (General Mills)
23th- Cinnamon Toast Crunch (General Mills)
22nd- Hersheys Cookies N Cream (General Mills)
21st - Krave Smores (Kelloggs)
20th - Count Chocula (General Mills)
19th - Golden Grahams (General Mills)
18th - Flavoured Cheerios (General Mills)
17th - Fruity Pebbles (Post)
16th - Frosted Flakes (Kelloggs)
15th - Frosted Flakes With Energy Clusters (Kelloggs)
14th - Lucky Charms (General Mills)
13th - Chocolate Lucky Charms (General Mills)
12th - Kelloggs Low Fat Granola With Raisins ( Kelloggs)
11th - Golden Crisp (Post)
10th - Honey Bunches Of Oats Dark Chocolate Protein Granola (Post)
9th - Cocoa Puffs (General Mills)
7th - Cinnabon Cereal (Kellogs)
6th - Jif Peanut Butter Cereal (Kelloggs) --> Opt for Barbaras Peanut Butten Puffins instead
5th - Captain Crunchs Crunch Berries
4th - French Toast Crunch (General Mills)
3th - Fruit Loops (Kelloggs)
2th - Apple Jacks (Kelloggs)
1st - Honey Smacks (Kelloggs)--> The WORST cereals!

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