Mary Newport, MD has a 53 year old husband who was being diagnosed with Dementia which later turned to Alzheimers. Taking common prescribed drugs did no better for him and she started doing her own research which she later discovered that some brain cells has a tough time utilising glucose, which is the brain's principal source of power which led to the death of neurons. An alternative-energy resource for brain cells is fats, known as ketones. However this naturally produced fats can only be produced in carbs-derived body environment. And since not all individuals has the ability to cut carbs out from the body entirely, the alternative way is to take in oils made from medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) which is basically oil made from palm and coconut oil.

Mr Newport started consuming just coconut oil at 20mg, twice daily. The improvement was pretty obvious within two weeks as he was able to draw an image. Reaching the 60 day period, he was able to run and improved on his reading comprehension. Eventually his short-term memory returned and the atrophy that had once been present was halted during a followup scan.

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