Himalayan salt is far more superior than table salt. The latter is much more processed; it contains an anti-caking agent, iodine and, in some cases, dextrose. The heating process of regular table salt also destroys the minerals naturally present in it. It is best to consume food in their natural state. There are also many natural treatments by just using the Himalayan salt + water solution. Below are even more reasons to use Himalayan salt.

1. It helps normalize blood sugar (due the presence of magnesium, manganese, chromium and vanadium)
2. It prevents muscle cramps (Himalayan salt balances electrolytes)
3. It helps with proper digestion
4. It is beneficial for dental health (the presence of potassium prevents gum bleeding from bleeding and calcium strengthens and whitens teeth)
5. It promotes vascular health
6. It can be used to treat ear infections
7. It helps with menstrual issues
8. It eases headaches
9. It promotes a healthy pH balance
10. It regulates sleep
11. It promotes a healthy libido (the presence of zinc, selenium and magnesium)

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