Cut the risk of asthma attacks by 50% with this miracle vitamin supplement. This certainly is good news for asthma patients who are suffering from this lifelong medical problem. This discovery was made by researchers from Cochrane, a global independent network of researchers, specialists, patients, caregivers, and people involved in health. They conducted a study on vitamin supplements to help counter asthma attacks.

This disease affects the lungs of patients and makes it difficult for them to breathe. Patients typically suffer tightening of the chest, prolonged and wheezing bouts of coughing. An estimated 25 million Americans and 300 million worldwide are struggling to cope with this illness.

The Research Findings
Low vitamin D levels in the blood among asthma patients have been found to be at greater risk of asthma attacks. Clinical trials have been done to establish if vitamin D might aid in preventing attacks and increase the control of symptoms among patients.

Data was collected from seven double-blind medical experiments and standard placebo-controlled studies regarding the vitamin’s capability to avert asthma attacks. Researchers discovered that vitamin D along with the standard medication indeed reduced the risk of severe attacks by 50% without causing any complications. This was confirmed by Professor Adrian Martineau, the lead author of the study and a member of the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research, Queen Mary University of London. Although, it was also noted in the study that vitamin D did not appear to reduce the daily symptoms of the disease. The study was not also conclusive on the issue whether vitamin D was effective for all asthma patients or only those patients with low levels of vitamin D. The study was presented in London at the European Respiratory Society Congress a non-government organization that aims to ease suffering from lung diseases and upholds respiratory health thru research studies, sharing of knowledge, medical and open learning.

The Conclusion
Vitamin D has been established to provide noticeable protection against severe asthma bouts among adults with slight to moderate asthma without side effects.

So, while it may not cure or totally prevent asthma attacks, adequate Vitamin D levels will certainly do wonders to help ease the frequency of your asthma attacks. It also helps in increasing bone development, helps the growth of certain tissues and blood cells in your body.

Ensuring there is enough vitamin D in your system is as easy as basking in the sunshine for half an hour along with eating food that is rich in vitamin D such as organic mushrooms, pastured eggs, and wild-caught salmon. You can also take Vitamin D3 supplements at 5000 UIs per day.

Professor Martineau even went on to say that vitamin D is the next best thing to a wonder vitamin.


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