After toxic shock syndrome nearly killed Lauren Wasser, 24, the former model and athlete has devoted herself to rectifying what she sees as serious problems with the tampon industry. She claimed that she had replaced her tampon in the morning, afternoon and later in that evening.

It all started on 3rd October 2012 when she was feeling unwell with a flu-like symptom one night. She was using Kotex Natural Balance, her go-to brand at that point of time. Friends at a party were commenting too that she looked horrible (unwell). When she was finally in bed, it took about some 24 hours for someone with the help of a police officer to find her face down on her bedroom floor.

Lauren was rushed to St. Johns Health Centre with a fever of 107 degrees - ten minutes from death. She had actually suffered a massive heart attack and her internal organs were shutting down. Doctors present were unable to stabilize her wrecked condition and had called an infectious diseases specialist who immediately asked if Lauren was using a tampon. It was sent to a laboratory for some tests and results came back positive for toxic shock syndrome.

Upon waking up, Lauren noticed her big sized belly with tubes everywhere. Next to the bed was a tube of black toxins that had been flushed out of her bloodstream. She later was advised to sign the authorization paper due to the urgencies being both her legs were starting to mummify. that her right leg (below the knee) had to be amputated, and perhaps both as the left heel and toes of her left foot were badly damaged, but Lauren fought to keep it.

At that meantime, her mother began a massive lawsuit involving Kimberly-Clark Corporation—the manufacturer and distributor of Kotex Natural Balance tampons—as well as the grocery stores Kroger and Ralphs, both of which sell Kotex Natural Balance.

Lauren now goes in for frequent maintenance surgeries and is still in pain 3 years later. Doctors have told her she may need to have another amputation later in life when she is 50 or so as the damaged done has ironically gradually spiked possibly due to her own young body naturally producing of calcium in an attempt to fix her damaged foot.

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Most big manufacturers of tampons now use rayon or plastic which differs so much with cotton where tampons were originally made back then. These synthetic materials create the perfect breeding ground for TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)!

According to a study conducted by the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, “the gelled carboxymethylcellulose” in Rely tampons “acted like agar in a petri dish, providing a viscous medium on which the bacteria could grow.” .......

My personal advice is to avoid using tampons or diva-cups or alike as much as possible. Just use regular pads (with organic cotton, if possible) to be on the safer side.

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