When it comes to using virgin coconut oil for weight loss, it is not just another fad diet. There is science behind why it helps burn fat and we'll look at some of that below.

The first thing to understand, as I described in Coconut Oil Benefits, not all saturated fats are created equal.

Unfortunately due to an aggressive advertising campaign run in the 80's by soybean farmers looking to increase their market share, we've come to believe that ALL saturated fats are unhealthy for us. But this is only true of long-chain fatty acids, not short- or medium-chain fatty acids.

Remember: Fats are NOT the same as fatty acids!

Using virgin coconut oil for weight loss is beneficial because the oil consists primarily of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), the kind that are not only good for you, but essential for brain function, muscle function (including heart muscle!), healing, energy and more.

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