What can the lack of vitamin B12 cause? It can create various complications and very often the most common one is megaloblastic anemia. Due to its complexity and value, this vitamin cannot be replaced with any other for the regular development of nerve and red blood cells.

If there is an evident deficiency of B12 in the process of their formation these cells have irregular form and shape, many of them are immature and not capable of performing their vital function which is the transport of oxygen to our organs and tissues. What are the first evident symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency? Concentration problems, anxiety, hair and skin diseases like dermatitis and eczema, fatigue and malaise and aches in the muscles.

Apart from causing a severe degree of anemia, a larger deficit of B12 deficiency can also cause some severe nervous disorders leading to paralysis.

Fatigue, weakness, fast heart pounding and pale face are the first signs of B12 deficiency. This condition is further followed by bloated stomach and loss of appetite as well as diarrhea. When consuming sour foods it may lead to burning sensation of the tongue and lost in the sense of taste. Depressive changes like memory disorders and paresthesia of the legs are some other appearances.

If one suffers from this problem for a longer period of time, some serious conditions like bleeding and brain damage can also be caused. This deficiency can even lead to increasing levels of homocysteine which raise the risk of coronary diseases and heart attacks..
Alzheimer’s disease have B12 deficiency so it is crucial not to avoid foods that are rich in B12 such as meats, grains, seaweed, red beet, hazelnut, sesame, and even sauerkraut.

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