Many vegetables have chemical compounds that make them taste bitter to some people. To them:
Broccoli = stinky socks.
Green peppers = turpentine.
Escarole = Little boats of bitterness floating on your tongue’s tears.

Here are the 3 steps to really love your veggies. Regardless of where you’re starting — never eaten a green thing ever, or just want some new ways to eat plants — there is a simple formula you can use to make bitterness less intense, more palatable, and much more enjoyable:
1. Challenge - Find a bitter food, something that requires a special effort, and something that you won’t normally just eat. You may hate it or love least you've tried. Research suggests that we may need to try new foods many times before we’ll tolerate or like them. So, challenge yourself regularly. You might be surprised about what happens.
2. Complement - Pairing a food or aromatic with your vegetable to push several taste/flavor buttons at the same time.
3. Cushion - Pairing bitterness with certain flavors can magically turn its volume down. Excellent Cushions for bitterness include honey, maple syrup, oil, butter and almonds.

As you become more comfortable, experiment with combining more flavors — up to one item per category (see image). The different combinations are endless. So there ARE no reasons for you not to even try. Have fun!

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