How should the formation of your poop be? What is normal, what is weird? Most importantly, what is healthy, and what is not? Bowel movements are defined by personal ‘normal’ comfort. According to the Dr. Oz show, the perfect poop formation is shaped like a log, or in an S shape and not broken in pieces.

Type 1: Linked to people on treatments of post-antibiotics as well as those attempting low-carb, fiber-free diets
Type 2: This form is destructive as the size exceeds the anal canal opening. Delaying or withholding the urge to release or a record of chronic constipation are likely causes.
Type 3: A possibility of irritable bowel syndrome and flatulence is minor.
Type 4: The normal kind of once-a-day defecation. The large diameter suggests a increased dietary fiber intake or longer transit time.
Type 5: Suggesting regular poops defecation after each major meal.
Type 6: Can be related to laxatives consumption, potassium excess, sudden dehydration, stressed condition due to high blood pressure, excess of spicy diets, consumption of high mineral composition drinks or even due to a hypersensitive stressed personality.
Type 7: Severe constipation

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