Health insurance is a broad concept that provides protection against medical uncertainties and the costs involved. Various products are available in the market and differs in terms of coverage extent and benefits especially for women.

Woman specific products
Most insurance in the market does not highlight special premium pricing even though they cater for women alone. Some of these products cover maternal benefits and child care, age groups and life stages of a woman. However, most life insurances offered in the market will share common coverage factors in general.

For single-married women
The medical expenses to be borne by single-married women are very high. Thus, they have to choose a policy which provides comprehensive coverage and financial support when required.

For a single parent
Single parent can apply for policy coverage which includes the health for both child, parent and grandparents. The hospitalization costs will be covered for critical illness.

For a newly married couple
Newly married couple can avail the maternity benefit with only two years of waiting period where both husband and wife are covered together.

For women staying in a joint family
Options are available in the market which covers as many as 15 people in one policy for family and relatives.

For senior citizens
Senior women citizens can avail the benefits of a health insurance at the time of hospitalization when they are diagnosed with any illness. This is inclusive of nursing services and in some policies, there is no age restriction for policy application.

Sum assured and premium
The premium of health insurance vary depending upon the type of product, plan, extent of coverage and sum insured and age of the persons being covered.

Claim settlement
Claim settlement can be worked out with a few methods where cashless facility is available in network hospitals while non-network hospitals operate based on reimbursement basis.
How to purchase policy
Policy purchasing can be carried out online and officers will be sent to provide adequate information should the client require further clarification on the benefits offered by the policy.

How to choose insurer
Choosing a reputable insurer and going through the fine details of coverage is important to ensure proper protection. Prospectus and policy wordings must be scrutinized before agreeing to purchase certain policies.

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