Kidneys are some of the most important organs in the human body and are the foundation of metabolic health in that they serve the vital functions of regulating the blood volume and pressure of the body, making red blood cells, keeping bones strong, regulating the electrolytes in the body, and filtering toxins and waste as stated by Michael Forman, DOM, a clinical nutritionist and acupuncturist in Miami.

Signs your kidneys are not happy include fatigue, swelling, trouble concentrating, shortness of breath, and skin rashes. Here are 4 ways you can keep kidney health in check and prevent issues down the road.

1) Get more sleep
2) Drink more water
3) Keep moving
4) Eat kidney-friendly foods ( ..Estrogen protects the kidneys against fibrosis and damage, an issue that becomes more prevalent as women enter menopause and perimenopause)

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