When authorities burned accused witches at the stake throughout history, they often thought they were performing their own version of defence against the dark arts. Without the kind of advanced medical knowledge we have today, people sometimes attributed unexplained or strange medical phenomena by saying it was the work of witchcraft or demons.

But some specific maladies were more often linked to witchcraft and dark forces than others.

1. Epilepsy
2. Mental Illness
3. Ergot Poisoning
4. Encephalitis Lethargica (Some believe this was another misunderstood condition that led to burning people at the stake. The disease with an unknown cause brings severe inflammation in the brain and comes with “high fever, headache, double vision, delayed physical and mental response, and lethargy,” the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke says. It might even lead to a coma and ........)

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